trust not your ears,

for they may lie

My name is Carradis. Everybody else calls me Carrie. I warn you, though. Hanging around with me can lead to complications. The main one being that I will often mislead people until I'm sure I can trust them. You won't know anything about me until I know I can trust you. Everything I say, while I may hear it as the truth, you won't be able to determine whether what you hear is a lie or not.


Accent of the day: Swedish

M!A: Good Life for 2 weeks starting 24/2/13.

[[Independent RP account for a Marvel (mainly X-Men) OC. Will RP with anyone from any fandom.]]
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should disregard most of the things they hear from this point onwards.

Carradis looked up at the sky and smiled, taking her keys out of her pocket. She quickly tried to get to the one that would unlock the main door of her apartment building, when she dropped the keys down a drain. “SHIT! NO!” She exclaimed, crouching down and trying to spot them.